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The Australian Rhino Project invite you to join our mission to create a future in Australia for rhinos. There are many ways that you can get involved.


Follow us on social media

We are present across all social media platforms and its a perfect way for you to connect with the Australian Rhino Project.

Share the message about the plight of the rhino and encourage others to get involved.



No donation is too small and every cent that is raised goes towards our efforts to help rhinos. Click on the Donate button and make a tax-deductible donation today. You may even like to consider making a monthly donation. Donation options exist for residents of Australia, US, UK and South Africa.

Register your workplace to become a workplace donation partner of The Australian Rhino Project at or



You can organise an event and fundraise for the Australian Rhino Project. Our Event Pack (link) is full of many great ideas on the types of events that you may like to organise and easy to use email templates, posters and checklists and much more.

The easiest way to fundraise for the Australian Rhino Project is to register your event at: and start fundraising today.

Donations from events can be directly deposited in our bank account. Please email with your deposit amount and details for your tax receipt.


Bsb: 012-013

Account Number: 193662202

Attend one of our many events. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on the latest events



We are happy to take volunteers who are keen to help us out on a casual or regular basis. You can complete our volunteer form (link) or check out any opportunities to get involved on


Join our Young Rhino Team

The Young Australians For Rhinos is a group of supporters who are passionately engaged in helping support The Australian Rhino Project through innovative ideas, events and campaigns. Find out more about the Young Rhinos here.


Become a Partner

Opportunities exist for organisations to become partner organisations with the Australian Rhino Project. Register your interest today.


Become a Rhino Guardian

Become a regular supporter of the Australian Rhino Project through our Rhino Guardianship. Find out more


Work with Rhinos

There are many organisations in Africa that offer opportunities for hands-on experiences with rhinos. You can find out the details here.


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