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The Australian Rhino Project is a registered not-for-profit charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Taxation Office. We are governed by a voluntary Board of Directors and we have also established a team of experts who advise and assist with our decision making, negotiations, compliance and fundraising. Our board and team are committed to assisting in the preservation of the rhinoceros species. Our board consists of a team of individuals with a diverse mix of skills and experience in corporate, not-for-profit, legal, media and zoological industries. Board meetings are held at Ashurst’s Sydney office, Level 11, 5 Martin Place, Sydney 2000.

We believe that it is essential that we are open and transparent in all of our activities and communication. Our leadership has been structured to ensure that ethical and factual decisions are made at all times. We have formal Partnership Agreements with the Taronga Conservation Society Australia, Royal Zoological Society of Australia, the Orana Wildlife Trust and the Zoos and Aquarium Association. These Partnerships are vital to ensure that we are guided by industry experts who are experienced in rhino husbandry, best practice logistics for translocation of animals and can provide secure and natural environments for the rhinos.






Allan Davies
Co-Founder and Chairman, The Australian Rhino Project


Mark Stanbridge
Director, The Australian Rhino Project
Lead Partner, Ashurst Australia


Paul White
Director, The Australian Rhino Project
Director, White Communications


Elaine Bensted
Director, The Australian Rhino Project
Chief Executive, Zoos South Australia


Download our 2020 AGM Presentation


Questions and Responses from the 2020 Australian Rhino Project AGM

1.     Have all the necessary approvals been obtained from the relevant authorities in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia to acquire the rhino?  If not, can you explain what is holding up the approvals and how long it will take to get them?
Permits are subject to the achievement of key milestones and applications are in progress. The construction of Orana WildLife Park rhino management centre is the next key milestone in the project timeline.

2.     How long is the quarantine requirement in South Africa and then New Zealand before they can be shipped here?
The quarantine period in South Africa is three months and the quarantine period in New Zealand is twelve months. However, this is subject to working with the relevant authorities at the time of import and export.

3.     What is the cost of acquiring each rhino from the source in South Africa?
This information is considered commercial in confidence.

4.     What is the size of the planned rhino management centre at Orana Park?
The rhino management facility at Orana WildLife Park in Christchurch is being constructed to accommodate ten rhinos.

5.     Going forward, do you intend to provide more frequent and informative communications re TARP’s progress in achieving its objectives?
As the project achieves key milestones, the Australian Rhino Project will continue to keep supporters updated via our social media, website and email newsletters.


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